Hi and welcome to Crafting Possibilities with Lorene Hughes.
This is a space for you to begin to choose to release those traumas that have
plagued you forever and together we will
Craft YOUR Possibilities and dreams into your everyday life!

Gratitude ~ The Space Between Seconds ~

While this may appear to be an ordinary poetry book, it is not…
This book has a very special gift…
It can literally tap into where you’re at right now and give you insight as to where your attention is or even what is the next step forward…
The trick is in the question…
Pick a number between 1-88…
I wonder what you’ll choose???

Welcome my sweet friend…

You have found your way through to my website!
Wow, how does it get any more wonderful than that?
I delight in discovering what else is possible now for you?

Perhaps you have found me because you wished
to get some in-person Body Healing,
or maybe you’ve discovered I offer C-Jab Healing Sessions.

Or perhaps you are also ready to discover what really makes you tick,
Gets your creative juices flowing,
and finally releasing all that narcissistic gaslighting trauma
that’s held you captive by choosing online facilitation.
Using a variety of modalities it’s possible to move shift and release pain, trauma,
belief systems, abuse impacts, and energies stuck from unreleased and grief, hurt, and heartache.

Whatever the reason you are tiptoeing
through the tulips with me…
I am tickled pink to have you come to play!

If you do wish to have a one on one session
with me…
I am currently based in the
Port Adelaide area, in South Australia.
I invite you to pop over to the contact tab
and flick me a quick message
and I will contact you back in a jiffy!
In the meantime check out my blog to discover a little more
about my journey into healing, health, empowerment, and life.

Arohanui Friend
I look forward to talking with you soon
Big Kiwi Cuddles

~Lorene Hughes~
@ Crafting Possibilities

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