Swimming pools for feet…

16402957_10210174827741567_3244408164498338556_oSince about mid December every morning when I wake up (I even set my alarm earlier so I have time to do this) I acknowledge every part of my body and tell it how grateful I am and how beautiful it is…

This is the first morning I have woken up looked at my feet and without trying went wow! Look at you!! You’re so beautiful!!! I just want to photograph and touch you!!

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A Poem


From The Expanded Space


Deeply into every space

Every part of my body

Being aware of each individual molecule

Every atom vibrating and creating magic.

Hearing the cockatoo

Perceiving their heart beat

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When you receive from someone you don’t have to have them in your world. Physically, as in a face to face touch thing, it’s not a requirement for them to be a part of your life.
I am able to receive from ex-partners,

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2 marriages, and a whole lot of information!

I was having a very frank chat with a friend about narcissistic aresholes and the following was the basis of that chat… after a little nudge from that friend that it would make a great blog! Here you go…

Thanks for the nudge my friend 😉

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An Introduction to Lorene Hughes

Hi there friends….
On the 4th of August 2016 Glenyce Hughes released this video of my contribution to her Greatness Of You Video Series… I was delighted to have been asked to contribute…
How did I get so lucky???? I wonder what else could be created in this beautiful world by us just showing up as us??? 
Here is the link to have a peep at my take on this and also I invite you to subscribe to the series and take a wander through the rest of the amazing videos up there already..

Greatness of You Guest Lorene Hughes


What if wonky words aren’t wrong?

So for the longest time I went into great wrongness around misreading words in sentences. I would go to great pains and slow myself down to double check myself to make sure I fully and totally got it right all the time.. Most recently I am becoming more aware of the quiet little messages “hidden” in those moments.. especially when the sentence still makes sense with the wonky word….
Today’s video is how the word ‘Artistic’ got flipped in my head for ‘Autistic’ and it lead me on a journey of learning a new word and also perceiving an awareness around what potentially happens with spectrum kids and adults! Phew! HDIGABTT???? All from following a whisper of awareness and not making it or myself wrong.. I wonder WEIP?

What Secret Messages Are You Letting Pass You By

Creative life forces…

Did you know that when you create something it takes on a life force of it’s own? My creations that I make and also ones that have been made for me specifically, speak to me. These ones were asking to come and play with you all today… I think they had an ulterior motive the cheeky little babies! hahaha And that’s why I love having them around…
I wonder who many more Inspiration babies I can create this year and beyond?
I wonder what possibilities are available today that I have not yet instituted?

Here’s the link to my video where some of my creations are having their 5 minutes of fame!
Lorene’s Creations come out to play!