Energy and Sound Healing

2-hour In-Person bodywork session with
Intuitive Sound Healer Matthew ‘Balaji‘ Kuhn
Intuitive Energy Facilitator & Healer Lorene Hughes.

Sessions that are tailored to your requirements at the time of the session. It may be past life trauma healing, trauma release, stress release, reconnection with self, spiritual connection, entity clearing, removal of blocks, sensuality connection, or anything else that may be required.

  • With the ‘Sound of The Kun’ and ‘Crafting Possibilities’, they combine more than 7 modalities and over 25 years of healing experiences to create a space of potent healing just for you!

Winter Special… $250 for a limited time…


Matt and Lorene are very powerful beings. Using Sacred Medicine Drum and other potent musical instruments and Theta Healing and Access Consciousness and more, I found myself feeling speechless at the amount of incredible change that happened over the session. So grateful for these potent Beings.
Thank you

C. D. ~ Adelaide