Honouring You Retreat

For the Woman Seeking Clarity
You Deserve All You Desire

Are you feeling Lost, Disconnected, Confused as to your next moves, Stagnant, Feel like you’ve forgotten who YOU are?
Have you been the best at putting everyone and everything else first and left yourself way beyond last dirty sock?

This Retreat is all about HONOURING YOU.

Reintroduction to who YOU be… Beyond the labels of ‘Wife’ ‘Mother’ ‘Sister’ ‘Daughter’ ‘Career Woman’

Remembering how to balance your ‘To-Do List’ with your Delicious Divine Goddess

Bringing attention to and highlighting your Pleasure and Happiness

It’s time for you to bring back your Sovereignty as a Desirable Woman

Reminding you that you have a Body to Love, you are a Being to Desire,
and You are a Potent Gorgeous Sexy Goddess!!!

2.5 Day Retreat to give you clarity, remind you of your deliciousness, and balance out your to-do list with your Divine Goddess.

Giving you back your confidence, clarity, and love of YOU.

With 3 incredible facilitators to support you over the entire weekend in your reawakening and connection journey….
+ an extra treat of Intuitive Sound Healing with guest Matthew ‘Balaji’ Kuhn on Saturday afternoon.

You Will Also Be Taken On A Journey Through:
* Connection to and with your Divine Feminine Capacities
* Removing Blocks and Belief Systems holding you back
* Increasing your Intuitive Abilities
* Balancing your Masculine and Feminine Energies
* Identifying and demystifying what it means to be a woman in today’s world
* Empowering you into creating a life with more ease, grace, joyousness, and deliciousness
* Creating your own Mandala to represent your journey

You will also receive:
* One-to-one body healing
* 2 Nights Accommodation Included
* An Open Sacred Space to explore and become comfortable in your vulnerability
* Delicious Vegetarian Meals for 2.5 days
* A fun weekend to explore, refresh and rejuvenate you and your body
* Plenty of time to reflect and journal
* An Intimate Group so you too can dive even deeper with ease…

Venue: The Farm for Wellbeing ~ 11 Willis Road, Flaxley, S.A. 5153
Dates: Begins 5pm on 11th Nov – 4pm 13th Nov 2022
Price: Early Bird, up till 30th Sept $989
Price: After 1st Oct $1,100

(Payment Plans are available on full price only + admin fee) Contact Here

LIMITED SPACES AVAILABLE for this Intimate Event

Your Facilitators…

Lorene Hughes

Past Trauma Healing Specialist and Pussy Queen

With her no-nonsense style that has feminine deliciousness woven through her facilitation. With happy giggles she allows the clients to feel safe to reconnect with their potent Creation Centers and release the traumas imprinted on the cells throughout their lifetimes.

WEBSITE: CraftingPossibilities.com
EMAIL: Lorene@craftingpossibilities.com
Facebook: facebook.com/craftingpossibilities

Lucy Butler

Mind and Body Health Coach

Helping mums, create a connected, abundant life, with clarity to know who you are and what you want, the confidence to ask for it and the consistency to go get it.

WEBSITE: headtohearthealth.com.au
FACEBOOK: facebook.com/headtohearthealth
INSTAGRAM: instagram.com/headtohearthealth

Nicky Schulze

Intuitive Energy Worker and Creative

Intuitively weaving kinesiology, NLP and energy work into client sessions, Nicky helps guide women back home to their heart so they can quiet the external noise and learn to go within, to trust the guidance of their soul. She teaches this in groups using mandala art.

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/nicky.schulze/
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/nickyschulzecoaching
EMAIL: nicky.schulze@bigpond.com

Matthew ‘Balaji’ Kuhn

Intuitive Sound Healer and Sharman

A special guest healing session to balance out our feminine work with nourishing masculine sound healing. Bringing together Shamanic Sacred Space, Intuitive Sound Healing, Reiki and Breathwork, Balaji is here to contribute to your journey

BIZ FB: https://www.facebook.com/soundofthekun

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/Incamatt/

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/soundofthekun/

Spaces Are Limited…