Private Online Session

Private Stop The Abuse Online Session

These 60 minute sessions are all about healing and undoing the abuse, neglect and narcissism that you have experienced. These sessions are potent and dive deep into unlocking those areas and finally getting you to a space of freedom and ease. You'll receive a replay of your session.


Access BARS

90 minute In-Person Access BARS Session

In-person private energetic hands-on session. This hands-on body process is like getting the trash removal team in, laying back & relaxing, while they take care of things sticking you and you can then choose to create something new in your life.


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Testimonial from a first time BARS client

Thank you Lorene, was an awesome experience… I got a few houses down the street and had an overwhelming feeling of joy.. which caused a few tears of happiness. On a high at moment.. feel so excited for life. Feeling a slightly big shot type moment coming on!!
Thank you again so much – will definitely be hearing from me soon. Your life creation session is calling me!!! ✨😇✨ xxx


Access Energetic Facelift

90 minute In-Person Energetic Facelift Session

The Facelift process is an in person private energetic hands on session. The Facelift process is one of the fastest, most gentle and dynamic ways to feel amazing, look younger, and shift a lot of stuck energy/toxins in the body in a relaxed, nourishing and nurturing process.


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Testimonial from a first time Energetic Facelift client
Seriously Amazed!
Wow! Lorene performed an energetic facelift on me. It’s seriously crazy good stuff!


Body Whisper Sessions 90min

Body Whisper In-Person Session 60min

In-person private energetic hands-on or off session. These specialty sessions tap into the quiet (and sometimes not so quiet) askings of your body to receive what it really requires in that moment.


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Online Life Creation Sessions

60 minute Life Creation Session

In person or Online coaching/facilitation session. Using the tools of Access Consciousness™, we are able to quickly and easily clear what may be troubling you with just a few questions... The sessions are all based on the energy presented at the time and it's totally up to you as to how much you receive at the time or later... Sessions are recorded via Zoom.


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Testimonial from a multiple Life Creation Session client
Cutting Through The Story
My sessions with you brought a greater awareness of the whole, as well as many tools and modalities to assist me in choosing greater for myself. I’m so grateful for your contributions. Thank you again