Psychic Readings

CP Readings

These Readings are not your everyday average reading…
If you’re looking for someone to tell you you’ll be meeting Mr (or Mrs!) tall dark and handsome in 3 months… then this session is not for you…
But if you ARE looking for a unique blend of connection with you, your spirit team, your body, your business, and the Earth and Universes that opens the doors to smashing your blocks out of the way… with sensuality and kindness and a little bit of a wedgie or two…

Then YES THIS is the reading for you! and we welcome you with wide open arms!

All readings come with access to the recording and email summary.

Sessions are via Zoom (so they can be recorded) and sessions will be arranged at a time to suit both parties.
Looking forward to connecting with you soon
Big Squishy Hugs!!!
Lorene xx

Are you stuck in your life? Your business? Have a wonk in your world that you just can’t seem to shift? Would you like to have a greater connection with your body, money, and spirit team??? Then these readings are for you

Over the years I have assisted many spirits to get their messages to their loved ones and also just to pass on messages to people that are now living in their home…
I have also facilitated friends to receive and hear their own passed over loved ones…
I pull cards for friends and myself and use my intuition to know what questions to ask next…
I have even mentored a newly deceased person into knowing how to behave even if they don’t like what someone is choosing… (hee hee I can feel them smiling as I write this, cheeky bugger!)

wow writing all this down is giving me goosies!

I use the cards as a door opening to then be able to use my unique version of conscious facilitation using the tools of Access Consciousness and other modalities and my gifts with the spirit world…

If this is something that you would like to choose, then purchase a session let’s set up a reading!

You will receive the recording of your session and copies of the cards that have come up during the session for you to refer back to.

Grab one or some sessions (the choice is yours! hee hee) NOW for a unique card reading with Lorene!

60 minute Psychic Reading with Lorene

Spiritual card readings with conscious facilitation online via zoom – 60 minute session


A few notes once you have made your awesome choice to have a reading with Lorene

  1. If you could connect with me via FB that would be great as I find it easier and faster to organise session times and links…
  2. Just bear in mind I live in South Australia so may not be awake or could be with clients when you purchase your session… Please be patient I will reply to you as soon as I can and usually within 12 hours or at the very least the same day… In the meantime, I invite you to friend request me on Facebook! If we have mutual friends it will be easy as

  3.  I live in South Australia so my sessions are via Zoom. If you have the app on your mobile phone or laptop then GREAT!
    If you don’t then here is a link for you to download it and sign up
  4. I will send you the zoom meeting link about 15-30 minutes before your session begins.
  5. Yes, you will receive a copy of the recording to download and replay. I will also include the cards that have come out during your session and they will also be in your own private folder in Dropbox. These will all be included in the email you will receive about 2 hours after your session ends.
  6. It’s not necessary to have questions in mind however it’s totally cool as well if you have a specific area you are requiring facilitation with… this is your session so let’s have some fun!



The Testimonials so far…

You are a gift – thank you for sharing you, so I can be a better me 😘

“Love your kindness and spaciousness. Great use of tools and her super spidey senses and Lorene made me feel at ease with her kindness and spaciousness. AND I get a recording to replay some of the clearings! Thank you!
Y.L. N.Z

“Just one 30 minute session and you blew up my world for the better! Lorene Hughes is amazing! I had a reading with her today and she is a natural psychic with the tools to change your life!
H.X SA, Australia

“WOW, the softness and expansiveness you invited me and my body to in just 30 minutes was astounding! Can’t wait till my next session!”
C.B. Germany

“That was amazing 😉  Spot on! Just had a reading…. you will laugh, you will cry and you will change your life xx
T.O. SA, Australia

If you have thought of having a reading/session with Lorene, go for it! And if you haven’t, do it! My session today was so spot on, the cards that came up, an energy pull just beyond and great facilitation. Now I just have to ask, and receive, from all /everything that would like to contribute to me 🎉 My body tingles
K.M. Norway

“I can’t recommend Lorene Hughes highly enough! Her psychic readings with conscious facilitation are amazing and she has helped me so much … SO grateful Lorene and thank you again for our Zoom session today!”
T.H. United Kingdom

“Mind blown and now on fire 🔥
My half hour reading from Lorene this evening was incredibly fun, inspiring and so on point!”
C.C. QLD, Australia

“Thank you so much for a fantastic session. It was lovely meeting you and I really appreciate your reading. Everything was so relevant and your clearings were spot on.”

You are amazing & from my reading WOW…hdigab? I always learn something new when I choose to be congruent With my asks & you lit up for me the day I chose….so magical & so grateful you chose this
T.T. S.A , Australia

I had a Psychic Session with Lorene recently and received some very valuable and insightful information that will empower me to unblock the ‘baggage’ that I was allowing to stand in my way and preventing me from moving forward. Lorene records the sessions. The video, along with other useful tools and links to reading material to keep you on track, is emailed to you. Thank you Lorene for sorting out my world. You are awesome!
R.D. S.A , Australia

“I’d highly recommend giving yourself one of these value packed readings for a gift to yourself. Lorene uses her spot on intuition in a nourishing and supportively kind way. I received a lot of change from my reading with her.”
C.H. Vic, Australia


Crafting Possibilities – Psychic Readings with Lorene Hughes