Sister Goddess Book Club

If you’d like to keep connecting throughout the rest of the year…


This year we have played with or are currently playing with

  • Pussy A Reclamation by Regena  Thomashauer
  • Mama Gena’s School or Womanly Arts by Regena  Thomashauer (till Sept 2020)
  • Mama Gena’s Owner’s and Operator’s Guide To Men by Regena Thomashauer (Oct 2020 – Jan 2021)
  • Extended Massive Orgasm by Drs Steve and Vera Bodansky (from Feb 2021)

If you’d like to join us (Yes this is a woman only space) we are in a Facebook group and meet via Zoom every second Sunday at 11:30am and 7:30pm Adelaide time

Facebook Group Link : HERE

*Please note: you WILL have to answer some questions to be allowed into the group*