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Intuitive Divine Awakening Session

These 1 hour sessions are for the fellow Sister Goddess who wishes to reconnect with her Divine Feminine in a way she may never have tried before. These sessions are about deeply releasing traumas held within the structure of the body from this lifetime and across many lifetimes. The sessions are tailored uniquely to the individuals’ readiness to receive and shift. So if this session is calling to you it’s the nudge from the universe that now is the time to release those traumas to your feminine and truly allow your self to indulge in the potency that is Your Divine Feminine. Sessions are online and you will receive a copy of the recording audio and other tips and tools discussed in the session to enjoy afterwards to help you dive even deeper. xx Lorene



~The ACCESS BARS Class now includes 3 Body Processes! ~

So excited to be facilitating this updated version of The BARS Class!
Will you come and play too?

Register for the class here

** If this will be your first time using the Access Consciousness website… please feel free to download this PDF file with step by step instructions to make this super ease for you!
Instructions to Open a NEW Access Consciousness Account


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Have you seen this yet???
MY FIRST Officially Published BOOK!!!
Both in eBook version AND Paperback!

To hear me as a guest on Writing on Air with Carol Glover on the Inspired Choices Network having a fun little chat about this creation… Click HERE

So Grateful for everyone’s encouragement to follow what was fun and true and easy for me to do! And for listening to the whispers of the creation when it said it was time!

Welcome my sweet friend…

You have found your way through to my website!
Wow how does it get any more wonderful than that?
I delight in discovering what else is possible now for you?

Perhaps you have found me because you wished
to get your Access BAR
S® run,
attend one of my
Access Consciousness BARS ® Classes
or maybe you’ve discovered I also offer
Energetic Facelift sessions too?

What ever the reason you are tiptoeing
through the tulips with me…
I am tickled pink to have you coming to play!

If you do wish to have a one on one session
or a class with me…
I am currently based in the
Port Adelaide area, in South Australia.
Also I am super happy to travel
anywhere in the world to facilitate
Access BARS® classes in your area…
I invite you to pop over to the contact tab
and flick me a quick message
and I will contact you back in a jiffy!

Arohanui Friend
I look forward to talking with you soon
Big Kiwi Cuddles

~Lorene Hughes~
@ Crafting Possibilities

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