Lorene is the Creator, Instigator, Inspirer, and all round sexy Goddess of Crafting Possibilities!
She has been
many things such as an Access Bars Facilitator, Energetic Facelift Facilitator, Virtual Office Assistant, In home community Carer and a Nanny. She is an artist, crafter, author, video creator and delights in finding new and exciting ways to play and create with different mediums and modalities.

In her work as an in home carer she was literally on the coal face of working with clients in a variety of ability levels and is able to use the tools of Access Consciousness™ in a day to day moment to moment way that provides more ease and joy and laughter with her clients every day. Her ability to see beyond the story and into what could be created or implemented to bring more ease to the clients, as well as carers, daily life creates magic where ever she goes.

In her role as an Administration Artisan, this sees her using many of her gifts, talents and abilities as an organizer, creator, website manager, mover, telecall host, graphics creator, facebook pages administrator and intuitiveness into assisting and moving businesses to thrive and expand.

Within her own business of Crafting Possibilities she brings together all of her gifts, talents and abilities mentioned above as well as being a Kick Arse Energy Facilitator, bringing out the inner Goddess with her Pussy Healing work, specialising in trauma release from abusive relationships (both romantic and family) from this lifetime as well as other lifetimes, she also has capacities with entity removal and removal of the impacts of chemicals the body, and processing through the imprinting on the body from stored emotions.

Lorene uses a variety of tools including, but not limited to… Pussy Goddess Connection, Access Body Processes, Theta, Past Life Regression, Access BARS, Energetic FaceLift, Elemental Connection, Intuition, Connection to Universe, and Psychic abilities, and her own very special magick into one delicious area.

By continuously creating and being the joy, beauty and tenacity she be, Lorene is Crafting Possibilities of inspiration and invitation for you to be the magic that you truly be with ease …

If you’d like to book a session, have some facilitation and create some magic in your business or life in general, or join in a class…
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