Group Telecalls are an effective space to clear many blocks and points of view quickly and inspire one another to move forward as a collective.

By bringing together many different modalities and facilitation styles, this gives you access to a level and speed of releasing blocks and belief systems that will blow you away! Let’s PLAY!

Narcissistic Attraction Telecall ~ 10th Dec 2021

Why do I Keep Attracting mean narcissistic people when I’m a nice person?

Let’s dive in and discover what that is for you and set to breaking down the systems holding that in place.

Do you find you struggle in creating some areas of your life and not others?
Do you wonder “Why me?”
or “What the hell did I do to deserve this?”

What if the answer is a lot closer than you thought?

If this is lighting you up, then book in because it’s time to give you access to the YOU that is asking to be seen and heard, and loved…

December 9th @ 10am ACDT
Time & Date for you
2 hour telecall. ~ $50
Replay will be sent.

My sessions with you brought a greater awareness of the whole, as well as many tools and modalities to assist me in choosing greater for myself. I’m so grateful for your contributions. Thank you again”

C.M. from USA