Tapping Into Your Possibilities – Undoing Abuse, Neglect and Narcissism

Have you been abused, neglected, mistreated, gaslit, told you’re nothing and that you’ll amount to nothing? Is it time to break that cycle and start tapping into what’s true for you? One of the most common ways that narcissists and gaslighters use to control you is to make you believe that you are useless and have no talents unless it’s useful to them and even then they will make you believe that you’re not good enough there either. This call series is the beginnings of breaking those walls down… It’s now YOUR TIME to #BeBoldBeBraveBeYOU my friend. Each call builds upon the previous one is about 20-30 minutes long. Replay them as often as you desire.


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De-Stress Energy Flow Series with Lorene Hughes

Do Mondays get you down??? What if you can have a completely different perspective for your day and through the week??? Using Energy flows regularly can and does shift the levels of your receiving and allows you to perceive, know and be the ultimate receiver of all the things you desire and so much more! These 4 calls shifts stuck energies allowing you to jump forward into your day!


Masking the relationship

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True Intimacy In Creating - small

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