Group Telecalls are an effective space to clear many blocks and points of view quickly and inspire one another to move forward as a collective.

By bringing together many different modalities and facilitation styles, this gives you access to a level and speed of releasing blocks and belief systems that will blow you away! Let’s PLAY!

A Practical webinar on how to do Healing Sessions and not suffer the impacts from the client’s releasing the effects of C*v*i*d Jabs.

Suitable for anyone with any healing modality that does hands-on bodywork.
2 hour webinar via Zoom
Audio Replay emailed out afterwards.

Investment AUD $50
Your Time Zone:

My sessions with you brought a greater awareness of the whole, as well as many tools and modalities to assist me in choosing greater for myself. I’m so grateful for your contributions.
Thank you again”

C.M. from USA