Delicious and Naked

Delicious and Naked

I’m sitting there naked, exposed and in a total space of vulnerability… His foot is in my lap and we have been having a gentle chit chat about random things… you know, plans for the day and weekend, things to do in the coming week, conversations we’ve had with others, possible visitors in the coming months… all while massaging some delicious moisturising coconut based oil into those strong feet of his… Then the next thing I knew I was telling him about a dream I’d had that morning… it was a weird dream that went a little like this…

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Creating Beyond Mr. & Mrs.


Creating beyond Mr and Mrs

It’s been a while since I wrote and I have been super busy creating a whole new way of being and living… I have expanded my businesses to include new classes and processes, become a SeneGence Distributor, now offering Psychic Card Readings with Conscious Facilitation, and have continued to expand upon my facilitating and coaching programs and creating more with my Virtual Admin clients and co-creating with some absolutely brilliantly inspiring people around the globe… And one of the most exciting and challenging areas that I have been playing in over the last year is the area of Creationship with my delicious partner…

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What’s Crafting Possibilities About?

A little of the CP story
So some of you may be wondering how it came to be that a New Zealand born 30ish woman ended up living in Adelaide, South Australia, back in 2010 not knowing anyone and creating a life for herself that has become the best (and most crazy and brave!) choice so far…

Beyond Bullying… What’s Possible?

Beyond Bullying Whats Possible

Choice creates awareness…
What could have been possible if the ones doing the ‘bullying’ actually asked of themselves, “If I do this/say this/message this, what will it create?”
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Creating Beyond ‘The First Blanket’

Beyond the first blanket

So there I was laying on this examination table about to have this 9 inch needle pushed into my belly through to the 11 week old placenta and hopefully dodging the growing foetus… There was this lovely team of women all around me, reassuring me that all was going to be easy today.
“Hmmm I’m sorry Lorene but you have too much fluid in your bladder… can you go empty out half please?”
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What Happened When I Said “Hell NO!” To Relationships…

As you may know already I have not had the easiest run with men in my life… but through it all I have somehow managed to keep positive that next time I will do better…

And now as I sit at home reflecting on many things from the last few months, love, lust, straight up curiosity and a casual flirtation or bonk… I have a huge sense of gratitude for the people who have shown up in my world at the moment… I haven’t just done a bit better than last time… I am actually choosing what makes my heart and body sing in unison!

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Love… The way I got Unscrewed


First of all Id like to get technical for a momentbare with me. Itll all make sense and I promise it wont be the length of an architectural law lecture!

By definition Dictionary of the English language by Samuel Johnson (1768, 3rd edition)
To Love :

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