C-Jab Sessions

These sessions have been run with both directly jabbed and non-jabbed clients…
And here’s a few things I have perceived in my clients…
1) the jabbed peeps are FULL of needle-like spikes… think of the inside of a pincushion, just like that but throughout the whole body and it didn’t matter if it was AZ or pF or any of the others.
2) the jabbed peeps are energetically being disconnected between their mind, body, and soul/spirit… and the gaps are being filled up with “other” energies that are NOT there for the person’s highest and best.
3) the partners of jabbed peeps don’t appear to have the spikes, but they are still being affected by point 2 above…
So they too are being energetically “ripped” apart…
4) both groups are experiencing some if not all of the following:

~Vast mood swings ~Loss of libido ~Previous addictions that have been quiet for years are reoccurring. ~Loss of confidence ~Depression ~Anxiety ~Increase in self-doubt ~Ringing in the ears ~Blurry eyesight ~Stiffness in the body ~Tearful ~Angry ~Loss of ability to express themselves ~Depletion of money flows ~Business bookings drying up ~Feeling disconnected from those dearest to them ~Lost ~Confused ~Resentful of everyone and everything and not caring ~Not sure if they have the strength to carry on ~Shingles ~Menstrual Irregularities ~Headaches and Migraines ~Reoccouring Colds ~Sleeplessness ~Extreme Tiredness ~Heart palpitations … just to name a few

These are the top most common symptoms that I have seen in my clients choosing these sessions…

And here’s a sample of what they are feeling afterward…
“I have so much more confidence without that fear of rejection, energy is flowing again and I feel like I’m aligning so much more with who I am” ~ Lucy ~

“One of the best decisions I’ve made this year was to come for a visit and let you work your magic. A healing session with you is just what my soul needed.” ~Fiona ~

“I always feel so much better after a session with Lorene, especially since I had my covid vaccines. She helped me get my other mental health issues calmed down too.” Bazza

“The next day I felt way better! I actually smiled, did some gardening, and booked in some appointments for my business I had been putting off because I just didn’t feel up to it before the session.” ~ B.V. ~

Things that have been noticed immediately after the sessions are results like this:
~Hand tremors stopping ~Eyes becoming clear and bright ~Light and floaty whereas before they were heavy and stiff ~Smiling ~Feeling gratitude ~Breathing easily and deeply ~Loving life and their body again ~Feeling connected to those around them once more
And for those with businesses…
Well, they are booking clients again, they are inspired, and are joyfully promoting themselves once again, and the money is flowing in for them!

So yes… If you’re swapping fluids with someone who’s had the C-jab and are feeling a bit out of whack…
Or You’ve chosen/had to get the C-jab and are experiencing any of the symptoms above…
Here is your invitation to book in a session and get yourself or invite someone else to back inflow…
To have all the delicious parts and pieces of you working together in harmony once again…
Use the link below to grab your session and we will be in touch to slot in your time.
Biggest Kiwi Hugs! ~ Lorene Hughes ~ ❤

In-Person C-Jab Body Healing Session

2-hour In-Person bodywork session.

These sessions are proving to be the alternative way forward for those who have chosen to/made to take the vaccine. Clearing out the energetic and physical impacts on your body from the injection and making it possible for you to move forward with ease.

These are also for people whose partners have had the Jab.

2-hour In-Person bodywork sessions.

Please feel free to message me via FB
or message through my contact form if you have any questions


My mental health conditions really flared up after receiving the C**** V**. But with Lorene’s help, I’m back on track and feeling good again.
~ B. Adelaide

While I had received my V** a while back I still chose this session with Lorene. Afterward, my head was at total peace for the next 24hours, it felt completely empty and relaxed.
~ T. Adelaide

I was a bit grumpy with my family after receiving my V**. But after a few sessions with Lorene, I was calm and relaxed with my family again.
~ G. Adelaide

Online C-Jab Sessions

2-hour ONLINE bodywork session. For those living outside of Adelaide.

Sessions via Zoom.

Suitable for both jabbed and partners of jabbed people.

A few notes once you have made your awesome choice to have an ONLINE Session with Lorene

  1.  I live in South Australia so my sessions are via Zoom. If you already have the app on your mobile phone or laptop then GREAT!
    If you don’t then here is a link for you to download it and sign up https://www.zoom.us/signup  it’s free.
  2. I will send you the zoom meeting link 1 hour before your session begins.
  3. On the day of your booking, I will send further instructions on how to prepare for your session.

Please feel free to message me via FB
or message through my contact form if you have any questions

Since my second vaccine I have been having almost constant headaches for at least 6 weeks with it turning into migraines 3 times in that time. The next day after my online session with Lorene, my headaches completely disappeared!
~H. New Zealand

I have been in a real dark place for a long time and the vaccine didn’t help. But after the online session with Lorene, I woke with the knowing I’m brilliant… I’m Ok… and anything is possible…
~W. NSW Australia