In-Person Healings

One-to-one energetic hands-on or off 90 min session.
These specialty sessions tap into the quiet (and sometimes not so quiet) askings of your body to receive what it really requires at that moment using a variety of modalities.

Specialising in: trauma release and feminine reconnection, this life and past life regression healing, birth trauma healing, narcissism healing, abuse healing, grief healing, and creating space for you to embrace the lightness, joyousness, and deliciousness you truly be.

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Thank you Lorene, was an awesome experience… I got a few houses down the street and had an overwhelming feeling of joy.. which caused a few tears of happiness. On a high at moment.. feel so excited for life. Feeling a slightly big shot type moment coming on!!
Thank you again so much – will definitely be hearing from me soon.
~ Sharon. Adelaide

Seriously Amazed!
Wow! Lorene performed a body healing on me. It’s seriously crazy good stuff!
~ T.R. Adelaide

Cutting Through The Story
My sessions with you brought a greater awareness of the whole, as well as many tools and modalities to assist me in choosing greater for myself. I’m so grateful for your contributions. Thank you again

~ C.M

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Feedback from C-Jab Sessions
My mental health conditions really flared up after receiving the C**** V**. But with Lorene’s help I’m back on track and feeling good again.
~ B. Adelaide

While I had received my V** a while back I still chose this session with Lorene. Afterwards my head was at total peace for the next 24hours, it felt completely empty and relaxed.
~ T. Adelaide

I was a bit grumpy with my family after receiving my V**. But after a few sessions with Lorene, I was calm and relaxed with my family again.
~ G. Adelaide

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