Good Bye Brain Blocks!
I was recommended by a friend to visit Lorene as life has been very tough. So I gave it a go, as my head was way too busy and I kept having blocks. I had a 90 minute session with Lorene and it has truly been amazing. The negative thoughts are not there, I can work clearly and see life very differently. It’s been a godsend so a very big thank you and keep spreading the fantastic skills you have. All the very best.

Sincerely A. from Adelaide

This BARS Process Works!
There are many modalities that I have tried, I came across bars and instantly was curious. As luck would have it I found Lorene and went for a session. Lorene is warm, kind hearted, bubbly and super knowledgeable. Very easy to talk with. Also she possesses this awesome gift of awareness which made our sessions even more potent, helping me expand my awareness and let go. The conversations and awareness gained has been really helpful. The entire process was really comfortable, and easy I even fell asleep the first time. What I have found since having my bars run is this process works. Some other modalities work for a week or so however this one works long term. It’s shifted my being and expanded my awareness. I feel lighter, I feel more joy in my life and especially ease. Things that used to hold me back, I was scared of, caused frustration, and procrastination just don’t affect me the same way anymore. I move through it all. Difficult relationships have become smoother, and in some cases the difficulties are gone. I have learned tools to use in my daily living which really helps make daily living even easier. Even the worst days I move through them and handle challenges with an ease that wasn’t present before in the same potency. Where things played on my mind for days I just seen to move on from it with an ease and grace. These are just some things that have changed there really is plenty more. Lorene has been super and I feel like the luckiest person to have followed my instinct and found my way to Lorene and to the bars. Having my bars run has added a huge value to my life. I feel really present in my life no matter what happens and so much gratitude. Plus it feels really really good having my bars run, it really does give me that after massage glow.. looking forward to my next session! Thank you Lorene !
M. from Adelaide

I had the absolute pleasure of inviting Lorene into my home to run my Bars. Having my Bars run was like having my feelings, emotions, and knowledge rebooted, a melting pot of negative energy if you will, all of the bad feelings negative emotions and energy was thrown into a boiling pot of negativity and melted away so all that was left was a clean slate that I am now able to build a new life on, a solid foundation, an indefinite platform of possibilities formed by my new awareness of consciousness, to know what I know, to feel what I know, to be what I know, this is how it feels to me, my inner child has been reignited and now I get to live a life that is free!
D. from Adelaide

BARS Removed My Shoulder Pain!
My first ever experience of Access Bars® was through a treatment in Denmark. As if by magic, my long-standing shoulder pain had disappeared.

I wished to learn this technique that with so little effort, created such change.
Upon return to Australia, my second experience of Access Bars® was at the workshop facilitated by Lorene Hughes. Lorene was instructing the participants in such a relaxed and engaging manner, that at the end of the day I felt confident that I could do and master The Bars®.
Having practised running The Bars® on friends, I have ever only received positive feedback about how well people feel following a session.
K. from Adelaide

Inspired Beyond Fear of Success
Thank you for your video I just watched , it inspired me to rethink and now I am starting my healings again and am looking forward to when I can see to read again and learn from you, Your words rang true to me so THANK YOU for inspiring me to get going again, true living angel for sure.
B. from South Australia

Cutting Through The Story With Life Creation Sessions
My sessions with you brought a greater awareness of the whole, as well as many tools and modalities to assist me in choosing greater for myself. I’m so grateful for your contributions. Thank you again
C.M. from USA

Seriously Amazed!
Wow! Lorene from Crafting Possibilities with Lorene Hughes performed an energetic facelift on me. It’s seriously crazy good stuff. I cannot describe what it feels like. If you haven’t heard of Access BARS, you need to see how it can help you. I also watched Lorene work on my sister, Olivia, who suffers with MS. You just can’t put it into words.
T.R. from South Australia

Astounded By The Energetic Facelift!
I received an Energetic Facelift Session from Lorene… wow what an amazing experience. I feel fantastic.
S.L. from South Australia

The Access BARS Creates Joy!
Thank you Lorene, was an awesome experience… I got a few houses down the street and had an overwhelming feeling of joy.. which caused a few tears of happiness. On a high at moment.. feel so excited for life. Feeling a slightly big shot type moment coming on!!
Thank you again so much – will definitely be hearing from me soon. Your life creation session is calling me!!! ✨😇✨ xxx