MY FIRST Officially Published BOOK!!!
Both in eBook version AND Paperback


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Gratitude Book Cover

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So Grateful for everyone’s encouragement to follow what was fun and true and easy for me to do! And for listening to the whispers of the creation when it said it was time!

Reviews Are Coming In!!!

What An Incredible Transformation
The poetry in this book really shows vulnerably the way Lorene’s mind saw her world over the last few decades, the last few chapters, the poems written this year, show an incredible transformation of consciousness and a new perspective of the world.I really enjoyed reading especially the end filled me with such peace. Thank you Lorene for the gift you are in my life and in the world.

review image

It’s A Long Long Road…
What a very brave person you must be to open your soul to the world in your book. Interesting reading and shows the path of which you have traveled, you are far braver than me that’s for sure!
B. from Austria


Poetry to transport you
This book was so relaxing to read. It was like I was walking through your life with you and at times just wished to hug you and say wow you are amazing. You have so much courage and to release this book with all your thoughts is beautiful! Thank you for this!
M. from Australia


Lorene in a book
This truly is a slice of Lorene. You can hear her voice, feel her presence, this really is a beautiful piece of work.
K. from Australia