What’s Crafting Possibilities About?

A little of the CP story
So some of you may be wondering how it came to be that a New Zealand born 30ish woman ended up living in Adelaide, South Australia, back in 2010 not knowing anyone and creating a life for herself that has become the best (and most crazy and brave!) choice so far…

I have gone from working in an industry I was beginning to loathe for its lack of passion and depth of creativity… The building industry… I adore the old architecture and after visiting New York and seeing in 2010 with a bunch of Americans, I knew something had to change and NOW!
So 6 months later I was moving to Adelaide! Yes, things move fast in my world when stuff has to change NOW!
The next 5 years were an interesting time of learning new industries (childcare & disability care), power struggles, growth, pregnancy loss, marriage and divorce, setting up my life once again on my own and making new friends… But after the 5-year mark, I had a very potent toolbox in my life… Access Consciousness!
This very sweet lady (Judy Valero, seriously if you’re in Adelaide look her up she’s flipping magic!) ran my BARS for the first time between pregnancies and I still attest to the fact she changed my life! She would argue that I was ready for the change and she was just in the right place at the right time… whatever it is or was I am incredibly grateful for her being there when I required her most!
Over the next 3 years, there have been many changes and wonderful additions to my world… Becoming an Access BARS Facilitator, setting up Crafting Possibilities as a business, becoming trained in Access Body Processes, and taking business classes, co-hosting incredible Certified Facilitators, travelling around Australia and the world, drawing on my administration skills and becoming a Virtual Administration Artisan, creating telecalls, co-creating online book clubs, and empowerment programs, working in amazing teams that span the globe, creating Access BARS classes and providing personal bodywork sessions, welcoming in a Joyful other to be in creationship with, writing books and blogs, having Access BARS stands at expo’s and markets, and becoming a SeneGence Independent Distributor… just to name a few things!
The realisation that for me to create the life I truly desire means I require to be busy! But also create time for me to relax and chill… The busy part is being achieved with having my fingers in many different pies and I LOVE IT!! Does it mean I have to write stuff down all the time… Ohh yes! but my diary looks full and busy and I love that! The relax and chill part comes from one of my other passions… CRAFT WORK!
I have played with many mediums over the years including paint, paper (card making and scrapbooking), cross-stitch, crochet (both fine Victorian up to super chunky), woodworking, knitting, digital graphic design, and sewing… These times become my “me time”… I have a craft class I attend once a fortnight and that gorgeous group of ladies has been with me since 2015. I am so super grateful for the space of allowance that they be with me no matter how I show up… Happy, sad, quiet or boisterous… it’s all just Lorene… and I get to be as creative as I like! It was my time to breathe in those early days… to be in allowance of me, to leave everything at the door and just play for a couple of hours… Now it’s more about celebrating being alive, playing, connecting with others, and seeing what has been brought to the table for us to create with!
So as you can now see… The birth of Crafting Possibilities as a business was simply looking at what created the most happiness for me and voila! There it was!
So now I get to say I’m in the Health and Empowerment Arts… and that seems to do the job nicely 😉
Thank you so much for reading our story…
If the BARS stuff has piked your interest… Get in touch https://craftingpossibilities.com/contact/
Thank you for inspiring others by just simply being you…
Arohanui my friend
Lorene Hughes


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