Receiving & Awareness – The fight & struggle to be “normal”


When you receive from someone you don’t have to have them in your world. Physically, as in a face to face touch thing, it’s not a requirement for them to be a part of your life.
I am able to receive from ex-partners,

friends that have moved on and family members who are no longer on this earthy realm… Energetically I am receiving from them even if we have nothing to do with each other. For me I know when I’m in that space as I am grateful for them having been in my world and contributed to me in whatever way.. the good the bad and the ugly…
Women have traditionally been told that they can multitask, they can have several things on the go at once… it’s totally acceptable and it’s totally ok. But men or boys have been told they can only concentrate on one thing at once! They’ve had that drummed into them in so many ways… and then you get these beautiful humanoid men who are as potently aware as women and can focus on many different things at once.

So for example a male friend of mine and I had a conversation about this the other day… Whereby he said to me that a “complaint” from his friends is that when there is someone new on the scene for him, that he seems to become disconnected from them.
My friend and I can be having a conversation about business or creating something new and different with revenue streams… and he’ll be tapped into my website, my blogs, my facebook, me, my business, my past experiences and future possibilities all at once… he can do that with total ease… yet there was a block coming up for him around being able to have awareness and be an energetic contribution to multiple people in his personal life at the same time.
He commented that it was really interesting, because even when I am busy with other things he never felt like I wasn’t aware of him… he couldn’t perceive a drop off of energy from me…
My reply was that’s because there’s not… I’m aware of everybody, all the time… I’m aware of anybody who has come into my world… If I choose to have them in my world, the kindness and caring that I be is such that I’m aware of them and contributing to them if required, even when I’m not text messaging or having face to face time…
So he chose different and together we processed out some blocks, whereby he can now actually be energetically contributing and receiving everyone and everything simultaneously…

Like today I was processing through some past life experiences and I asked for his contribution and BANG! He was right there… Even though I know at that particular time he was out to dinner with friends… He was with me, telling me I was safe and I could let it go… and I am super grateful…
Whereas before, even if I had have asked, and he was busy, he wouldn’t energetically come… because he was already concentration on one thing, one person or situation… and now he is choosing to be aware and has stepped into the space of infinite energy contribution… and there’s a real lightness to him now… and it’s really interesting for me to perceive that difference…

As women and especially as Mum’s, the awareness of your children is 24/7, whether they are with you, down the street, with friends, at school… you’re aware of them… no matter what they are doing or you are doing and that’s totally expected… and that’s the funny thing… society expects women to be like that… they don’t expect males to do that and yet they can! Absolutely they can!!!

Going back to my male friend… so while he was blocking off his abilities to be aware and contribute to everything simultaneously, he was also blocking off his receiving from all those around him… and himself… and the planet… And now that he’s chosen to receive, he’s greater… he’s more aware… he’s not fighting so much within himself to buy into the lie that he can’t be aware of everything and everyone… he choosing to step more into his abilities across all areas of his life and living… and that’s a beautiful thing…

When you choose to receive yourself and your own abilities, your own gifts and talents, you become far more potent and you don’t even actually really require any extra effort it just happens naturally. And that’s a really delightful space to behold and play in… The fight and the struggle to be “normal” and to fit into what this reality deems as acceptable, no longer becomes a factor… and the ease of being that comes from that truly is so delicious and inviting…
And how does it get any more magical than that???

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